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Mindfulness Programs

format_quoteYou may not be able to hold back the waves in life, but you can learn to surf them!format_quote
Eline Snel

The Mindfulness In Education program by Eline Snel is designed for parents, school teachers, educators, psychologists and carers of children and teenagers.

This training will give you the opportunity to develop an awareness and understanding of your own feelings, thoughts and emotions, while they are occurring, as well as the ones of your children/students. It will allow you to develop the ability to identify your own patterns, automatic behaviors, and gently redirect them into a conscious, kind and non judgemental response to have more meaningful connections with your children/students.

The program is based on the method developed by the Dutch Mindfulness Trainer and author of the book “Sitting Still like a Frog®”. The children’s programs "Mindfulness Matters®" are internationally recognized with measurable impacts on the lives of thousands of kids and teens.

AMT Mindfulness Trainer Adolescents - Method Eline Snel
AMT Mindfulness Trainer MiE - Method Eline Snel
Certificate Academy for Mindful Teaching - Method Eline Snel

Class curriculum:

Through guided meditations, breathing, gentle movement and other practical exercises, you will learn the ABC’s of Mindfulness:


AWARENESS of the here and now


BE willing to stand still



The program is divided into the following three sections:

  • Learn how to concentrate and observe
  • Lesson 1: The gentle power of awareness - Be the change that you want to see in your children
  • Lesson 2: The art of observation - How we observe things determines our behavior
  • Lesson 3: Feelings can be felt - Give space to feelings, and set boundaries to behavior
  • What do we do with what we observe?
  • Lesson 4: Thoughts are not facts - You can’t stop thinking, but you can stop listening to all the thoughts
  • Lesson 5: Consciously responding to stressful moments - It’s not the stress itself, but the way in which you choose to perceive stress that determines how you deal with it
  • Lesson 6: The art of communication - The need to be heard is often more important than finding a solution
  • Value of self compassion and compassion
  • Lesson 7: Compassion in parenting - In order to love, you need to be at home in yourself
  • Lesson 8: Trust - Welcome home....where deep inside, you know that everything changes! No matter what.
  • Class details & rates

  • Educators in private setting: $550/individual
  • Private lesson for parents: $800/couple
  • Group rate (minimum 6 people): $450/person
  • Kids program 7-10 yo, 8 sessions of 1 hour: $400
  • Teens program 12-18 yo, 10 sessions of 1.5 hours: $550
  • For Schools inquire: sandra.lechameau@yahoo.com

* Eight 2.5 hour weekly sessions with a commitment to daily practices at home


format_quote Sandra knows how to bond with children, therefore the students were curious and receptive during her classes, actively participating in the activities she has run. In addition to her professional skills, we thank her for her energy, willingness to convey mindful skills, her patience and pedagogy. The parents of the children, to whom she regularly transmitted summaries of the themes worked in class, as well as the teaching team, fully enjoyed the collaboration with Sandra. Sandra Born is professional and dedicated.

A.C, Director of La Chouette Ecole, Hong Kong, May 2018

format_quote Based on the method of mindfulness developed by Eline Snel, Sandra always knew how to lead the sessions by being benevolent and reassuring with the children. She established a climate of listening and calm in the groups, which allowed for open dialogue with the children. Every child has always been able to express himself and explain what he felt, what he loved. The themes allowed children to learn to concentrate, to listen to the boundaries of their bodies and others. They were very enthusiastic at each session and regularly continue to do exercises during the week in the classroom.

Teachers at the Pierre and Marie Curie Elementary School, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong, May 2018

format_quote Mindfulness has changed my life for the better and I owe this to Sandra's coaching. I would not have been able to take this journey without her support and discipline. I am so grateful because this came at a very stressful point in my life. Being introduced to the power of my own breath has been one of the greatest gifts. Now, I feel more confident that I can deal with every situation. I'm not perfect but I am now conscious. Thank you MIE, Thank you Sandra.

N.P, Philadelphia, October 2019

format_quote MIE made me realise how important it is to live in the present, rather than regretting the past or worrying about the future, and that we can train the brain to avoid preconceived reactions. Sandra was a fantastic conductor for this program. Ever since the first class, I could feel the good energy she was sending to all of us, creating the perfect atmosphere to surrender into meditation.

E.A, Philadelphia, October 2019

format_quote This program has been a marvelous experience for me. Even after I had been meditating for a long time on my own, I’ve learnt a lot. I really feel very grateful for you to show me in the sweet and kind way in which you taught me. Lots of love for you Sandra!

I.D-M, Philadelphia, September 2019

format_quote The MIE Program allowed me to learn on how to be more present in life and enjoy simple moments in life. It is a life changing program that taught me keys on how to go through difficult times with more ease, and become more compassionate with myself and others. Wonderful keys to be used with the children ! Sandra is passionate about mindfulness and truly believes in what she is doing. Her vision and sensitivity brings something unique to this program. Thank you Sandra !

C.K, Philadelphia, October, 2019