Family & Teen Coaching // Coaching Familial et Adolescent

format_quoteThe 7 ways to coach your teen in the game of Life // Les 7 manières de coacher votre adolescent dans le jeu de la vieformat_quote
Diana Sterling

Do you want more harmony in your family life? Do you have the wish to embrace the teenage years in a more peaceful and empowering way ? // Voulez-vous plus d’harmonie dans votre vie familiale ? Ressentez-vous le désir de vivre les années d’adolescence de manière plus apaisée et vous sentant plus habilités ?

Let’s work on your SOUL :-)


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I invite you on an empowering journey through a customised program: // Je vous invite à entamer un voyage grâce à un programme sur mesure. Notez bien que même si le materiel est en anglais, les problématiques abordées sont universelles, et avec un peu d’élasticité mentale, de tolérance et beaucoup d’humour, les sessions de travail peuvent se traduire et se faire en français:-):

  • For Parents // Pour les parents
  • 12 week individual program based on the unique method from Diana Sterling, founder of the Academy for Family Coach Training // 12 semaines de programme individualisé basé sur la méthode unique de Diana Sterling, fondatrice de Academy for Family Coach Training

  • For Teenagers // Pour les adolescents
  • 8 week individual program // 8 semaines d’un programme personnalisé

The sessions can either be done for parents and/or teenagers and can run in parallel for more meaningful impact as the whole family works together. // Les sessions peuvent se faire soit par les parents et/ou les adolescents et elles peuvent être menées en parallèle pour accroitre l’impact positif sur toute la famille qui travaille ensemble.

  • Program rates // Tarifs des programmes

  • Parent program: // Programme parental: CHF 1100 includes the book, “Parent as Coach Approach”, a working binder and the 12 personalized sessions of 1 hour // inclut le livre, “Parent as Coach Approach”, un classeur de travail, et 12 sessions personnalisées de 1 heure

  • Teenager program: // Programme adolescent: CHF 750 includes the 8 personalized sessions of 1 hour // incluant un classeur de travail et 8 sessions de 1 heure

  • Family program: // Programme Familial: CHF 1400 includes the two programs above // incluant les deux programmes ensemble

Testimonials: // Témoignages:

format_quote I was very fortunate to have met Sandra and to work with her on the 12 week “The Parent as Coach Approach". My initial interest was aimed towards my 15 years old daughter, but I quickly realized that the skills learned could easily be used with our other children, aged 12, 16 and 18, as well as with my husband! Sandra helped me to see things from a different perspective, to reflect on how our family interacts, as well as taking a closer look at myself and my choices. Together, we established action steps for the coming week, and I was thrilled to be able to actually see and feel the difference. I’m grateful for Sandra’s help, her methods and her kindness. She is always positive, calm and understanding. It was a real pleasure to work together with her.

M., Hong-Kong, November 2016

format_quote As parents we were desperate in finding a way to solve this problem and worried about our daughter's happiness. We then met Sandra. Her approach was unexpected. Indeed rather than lecturing either the parents or the child (teenager), she introduced a positive and upbeat method that gradually cheered up everybody. Thanks to that process we managed to keep the dialogue with our daughter alive and much more relaxed. Our daughter found on her side a neutral person willing to listen to her worries. Sandra thank you for your time and commitment.

More relaxed parents, C&M-O, Hong Kong, June 2016