I strongly believe that through a mindful posture in life, we can serve as models to younger generations on how to be more kind and compassionate toward ourselves and others.


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About me - Sandra Born

My totem animal since I was a little girl is “le chameau”. For me, the camel represents endurance, persistence, strength and endearing goofiness! I relate to the qualities of a camel, particularly its ability to cross long desert plains with an impressive quantity of water in a kind of self-sustainable and empowered way. Through my path in coaching and mindfulness, the camel represents the perfect embodiment of what I would like to offer my clients: embracing the humps and bumps of the caravan/journey that is called Life!

I am a Swiss-Haitian psychologist who started my own (sometimes bumpy) mindfulness journey over 10 years ago. I share and implement my daily and mindful habits with my own family in a perfectly imperfect way. I am very conscious that having the beautiful responsibility of raising two preteen daughters is a challenging path with daily and lifelong lessons. I try to lead by example through cultivating a mindful, joyful, humble and kind approach toward myself and toward others.

I am convinced that we can develop our own awareness and ability to take a breath and choose our response towards the waves in our lives; even when these waves are as big as a tsunami, like an illness, the death of a loved one, an international move or smaller waves, like mood swings of teenagers.

* courtesy of Sophie Bonnin-Rocher, Hong Kong

Education / Training

Certified and part of an international group of Mindfulness Matters Trainers, the Eline Snel method for kids, teenagers and parents, 2018
Certified trainer in Positive Discipline, the Dr. Jane Nelson method, 2017
Certified Family and Teenager Coach, Academy for Family Coach Training, 2015
Bachelor's in Psychology from University of Geneva - Switzerland, 1995
AMT Mindfulness Trainer Adolescents - Method Eline Snel
AMT Mindfulness Trainer MiE - Method Eline Snel
Certificate Academy for Mindful Teaching - Method Eline Snel


Through tailor made programs, I have vowed to accompany, in the most supportive and loving way, parents, educators and teenagers on their journey toward more harmonious and peaceful relationships. I facilitated programs in Hong Kong for over two years and am now working with groups of kids, educators and individuals in private settings and within schools in Philadelphia.

Family & Teen Coaching add

"The 7 ways to coach your teen in the game of Life” Diana Sterling

Mindfulness Programs add

"You may not be able to hold back the waves in life, but you can learn to surf them" Eline Snel

Positive Discipline add

"We cannot protect our children from life. Therefore it is essential that we prepare them for it” Rudolf Dreikurs

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* courtesy of Delphine Riche-Franz, Hong Kong