Positive Discipline

format_quoteWe cannot protect our children from life. Therefore it is essential that we prepare them for itformat_quote
Rudolf Dreikurs

Come join a group of like-minded parents in a fun, safe and open environment to learn Positive Discipline! Based on the psychology theories of Adler and Dreikurs, these classes will give you concrete tools and strategies to have more parenting “wins” with children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers.

Positive Discipline - diploma

The sessions will involve a mix of role play and evidence-based theory from the work of Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott, below are the key topics that we will cover:


Introduction to the theories of Adler and Dreikurs and Positive Discipline

Learning the importance of being kind AND firm


Understanding the brain and child development


Decoding our children’s behavior to better address their needs

A new look at misbehavior to increase our children’s sense of belonging and significance


Helping our children to feel more capable

Why it is better to focus on encouragement rather than a reward/punishment system


How to manage conflict between siblings/friends

Teaching our children valuable social and life skills for good character


Understanding our own parenting style

Understanding how we project/communicate with our kids in order to build a sustainable and desired environment together with our children


Continuing our parenting journey

Learning tools that will work long term to help our children thrive in a peaceful and fun environment

By empowering yourself and therefore your children, you will help them become more responsible, self-disciplined and be more cooperative for an overall happier environment!

format_quote Not punishing your children ≠ permissivenessformat_quote

  • Class details & rates

  • Couple: $400

  • Individual: $300

* 7 Classes - 2.5h each with one 45min private session prior to the group classes, individual follow-up sessions available for an additional fee


format_quote I would definitely recommend this workshop to other parents, “kind&firm” proves to be a great formula; next step - signing up my husband to the workshop :-)

format_quote This training is a good way to stop feeling guilty in my parent role and it offers useful tools to use in my daily life.

format_quote So useful to have the group of parents to share with; much more powerful than to read the book on my own!

format_quote I am not a big fan of role play but I have to say that they were very useful. It helped me to feel, understand and be able to apply the tools with my children in real life after the workshop.